How to Plan Your Commercial Building Project

How to Plan Your Commercial Building Project

Surely a commercial building project is not that different from a residential one, right? Far from it. Not only are commercial buildings more expensive, complex, and time-consuming, they are bound by a lot more local council and government red tape.

To make the journey less stressful you need the complete services of a commercial builder who can plan, design, and construct according to your exact specifications.

Designer and Builder Relationship

When it comes to the design of your commercial building you will come across two different types of builders. One builder may have their own team of in-house designers to transform your concept into a reality. Another builder may outsource this task to a third-party designer.

Either of these two methods is fine. But if you plan to choose a commercial builder who outsources the task, make sure they work closely with the design team from concept to completion. This way, the builder will ensure that the concept the design team comes up with is both viable from a construction perspective and – for your sake – cost-effective too.

Don’t assume that a construction company which lists design as one of their services does it all in-house. Call them up or send an online enquiry to find out exactly who does the design for them. If they outsource, get in touch with that company, and ask them directly what the working relationship is like with the builder.

Building Permits and Planning

Aside from having a design that is cohesive, cost-effective and stylish, you want it to comply with local council law.

Before you can start building, you have to be approved for a building and/or planning permit. What’s the difference between these two? A building permit is a document that certifies that a Qualified Building Surveyor has approved the plans and documents of your project. A planning permit is an application for permission to develop or use land for a particular purpose.

By choosing a builder who has experience in building and planning permits, they will know exactly how to make your design comply with local council law and help you avoid costly delays. They can also prepare and submit the necessary documents for council approval on your behalf.

Whether you need a building or planning permit or both, an experienced builder will help get your commercial project off to a flying start.


It’s not enough to just choose a builder who has experience in building commercial property. There are so many kinds of commercial buildings and each type has their own unique set of challenges. You need to be fully confident the builder you plan to choose is able to meet the specific needs of your project.

To find out start by looking at the online portfolio of each builder. Most commercial builders will have a dedicated page where you can view past projects, which should include a project summary and several photographs. Some companies may even have a Case Study section with an elaborate breakdown of the project including what problems the client had, the key challenges of the project, and how the builder resolved those issues.

If you want more specific details, don’t hesitate to contact the builder directly and ask them. You can also ask the builder if they will give you the contact details of a former client. If so, the former client will give you honest feedback on the kind of experience they had with the builder.

This valuable insight alone can mean the difference between accepting the builder’s offer and walking away from the deal.

Trident Projects is an Australian-owned commercial builder capable of delivering Design & Construction projects ranging from $1 million to $10 million. For advice on planning your next commercial building project call (02) 9743 6333.

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