5 Tips When Choosing the Right Commercial Builder

5 Tips When Choosing the Right Commercial Builder

Commercial building projects come with their own unique hurdles and challenges. Those who are solely involved in the residential sector are often ill-equipped to handle the specific needs of a commercial project.

For this reason, it’s important to choose a contractor who has the skills, labour and experience to successfully finish a complex project like a commercial fitout, major refurbishment, high rise complex or commercial property extension.

Here are 5 useful tips to know when choosing the right commercial builder for you:

1.Choose a Builder With Relevant Experience

Would you trust a doctor with no experience in treating your condition? Probably not. The same logic applies to choosing the right commercial builder. You want to be sure the builder you choose not only has experience in commercial projects, but is able to meet the specific needs of the project you’re involved in.

For example, if you’ve been planning to extend and fitout your retail clothing store, you’ll want a builder who can design the store in a way that’ll stand out to customers, improve stock turnover and the overall shopping experience. This means a builder who has little to no experience in retail fitouts may not be able to bring real value to your business.

Another thing to remember. Commercial builders will typically have partnerships with key suppliers and tradespeople who can bring the right materials, labour and resources to successfully complete the project.

Stick with your gut. Be selective about your final choice. Or else you may end up paying a fortune later on to fix a bad job…

2.Inspect Their Portfolio

These days any professional building company will have an online portfolio for you to browse through. These pages often contain a list of successful projects that contain a few photographs and a brief summary of the project.

However, when it comes to choosing the right commercial builder, you need to dig a bit deeper for info.

Contact the builder directly and ask for a more detailed history of their past projects. By learning more about these projects, you’ll get a better idea on key aspects like the cost of materials, the average building timeline, the challenges they overcame, and other important details.

3.Get Deeper Insight from Their References

Okay, you’ve found a builder who has relevant experience and a strong portfolio. But there’s a crucial detail the builder may not openly share with you: how satisfied the client was with the process and outcome.

If the builder doesn’t have testimonials – or you have a few key questions about a key detail – then you need to contact their past clients. Depending on your concerns, you may also need to talk to their partners like their suppliers or third-party contractors.

Does the builder have a positive relationship with these people? Did the client have any unresolved issues during the process? By getting feedback from real people, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from the experience.

4.Licenses and Qualifications

Obviously, the commercial builder you choose should have the correct licenses and insurance to cover for damage.

Another detail to keep in mind is trade memberships and other industry affiliations. If the building company is partnered with reputable entities like the Master Builders Association or Housing Industry Association, you know they’ve been properly vetted and comply with relevant local council laws and building code requirements.

There are also more specific industry associations that are relevant to certain types of commercial projects. For example, if the builder is a member of Dial Before You Dig, then you know the excavation job will be carried out safely and according to industry standards.

5.Do You Get Along With Them?

Now this is probably the most informal aspect of the vetting process. But it’s still just as important as the factors mentioned above.

That’s because throughout the course of the project, you’ll be communicating with your builder on a near-daily basis and exchanging ideas, solving certain problems and checking in on progress.

So if you don’t get along with the builder – or vice versa – then the experience is going to be harder.

Take the time to really get to know your builder before you commit to a project. After a few phone calls and face-to-face meetings, you should have a pretty good idea on whether you like not just their personality and attitude – but how quickly they respond to enquiries.

If you get bad signals from them early in the process, don’t be afraid to cut ties and go back to the drawing board.

You’ll save yourself from a lot of stress and headache in the long run…

Trident Projects is an experienced commercial builder that has successfully completed a variety of commercial projects ranging from $1 million to $10 million in the Sydney Metropolitan Area. Whether you’re a business owner who needs a new commercial fitout, extension, or build-up from scratch – we can provide a custom solution for you.

If you want to learn more about our commercial building services, call 02 9743 6333 or send your online enquiry.

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