How to Choose the Right Industrial Builder

How to Choose the Right Industrial Builder

Industrial building projects come with their own unique challenges that other projects don’t have. For this reason, it helps to choose a builder who has the relevant skills, experience, and labour to satisfy your project needs at the right price.

Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right industrial builder for your next project:

Know What to Ask For

Before you start approaching builders, you need to define the ideal scope, budget and timeline of your project.

To create the right design plan, you should meet with a professional designer or architect. With their skills and expertise, they can help bring your vision to life in the form of drafts, floorplans and concept models. During this process, you’ll need to define other aspects of the project such as the type of materials, fittings and engineering requirements, along with the associated costs of these services.

Once your plans have been completed, you’ll be given a ‘tender package’ which includes all the documentation you need to start contacting builders.

Build a Rapport With Them

No matter how big or small your project is, you’ll probably be in contact with your industrial builder on a near-daily basis.

For this reason, you want to choose the right industrial builder. One who is easy to communicate with, responds to your calls, and has a friendly personality that makes you feel at ease.

By choosing a builder you genuinely like, you will feel more relaxed knowing your project is in good hands, and can be confident they will see your project through to the end.

Get a Second Opinion

Testimonials are a powerful selling tool for any business. But for the average Joe, a word of recommendation from a trusted friend, colleague or family member is just as good.

Most builders you approach will be happy to give you references for past clients and designers, architects and third-party contractors (e.g. electricians, plumbers and tilers). Get in touch with these contacts to find out what their experience was like working with the builder.

Were they friendly and approachable throughout the process? How did they handle unforeseen shortcomings in the project? Were the builders professional and did they leave the site clean after each day?

By getting honest feedback from real people, you get a better idea on what to expect from the builder and if they are the right choice for you.

Confirm Their Experience

Make no mistake, the Australian construction industry is big. There are many types of builders on the market – from domestic to commercial and industrial – and they’re all lining up to earn your business.

When you approach a new builder, ask to see their portfolio containing relevant samples of their past work. Many builders will have past projects on their website, but you may need to approach some in person to get more detailed information.

While you browse through their projects, ask yourself if you like the quality of their work, and if you think they meet the specific needs of your project. After all, with a builder who has only built homes in the past, they may not have the skills and experience to build your new warehouse storage facility.

Compare Quotes

Price is a very important factor to think about. If you stoop too low, you risk having to pay hidden adjustment fees and charges later on down the track. Aim too high, and you may find yourself going over budget fast.

When you request a quote for builders, make sure the quote you receive takes into account the following details:

  • Change of Project Scope – Is there a description on how the builder charges for changes to the project? Do you have total involvement in making crucial design choice?
  • Itemised Quotes – Make sure the quote is easy to understand and has a total breakdown of the different items to make up your project. For example, this may include the cost of labour, party and materials, building assessments, machinery equipment hire and more.
  • Proof of Certification – This should go without saying. But be sure to check the builders’ credentials and confirm they are relevant to your state/territory and industry. Also keep in mind the type of insurance or building compensation they offer.
  • Payment Schedule – Usually you will need to pay an upfront deposit before the building can commence. This amount should be included in the quote, but it should also define the stages of building, and what you are expected to pay at each stage of the process.
  • Environmental Considerations – Construction can take a tremendous toll on the environment. It is the builders’ responsibility to ensure correct measures are followed in regards to the safe disposal of wastewater, construction materials and sediment. Check with your local council to find out what the minimum requirements are, and if your builder meets these requirements.


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